Featured Designer: Jia Hua

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Jia Hua’s unique capacity for mixing color, texture and weight proves just how powerful of a transformation the effect of innovative textile design can have on a garment—electric. Even the relaxed, oversized silhouettes feel dynamic here, providing …

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Featured Designer: Serena da Conceicao

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Brazilian-born fashion designer Serena da Conceicao first discovered her love for clothes through costume. Each year, she and her family would travel from their hometown of San Paulo to Rio de Janeiro (where her grandmother and cousins lived) …

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Quoted: Louise Wilson

Are there a lot of designers that matter? The industry hasn’t got a litmus test any more. The whole thing has imploded. Watch it die, like the banking industry.

Source: “Louise Wilson: Master of Arts,” text by Susanne Madsen, pub. …

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Interview: Robert Kirkbride on Design, Part II

Milstein-O’Connor Residence, West Village, Manhattan, NYC. Photo by Martin Seck © Robert Kirkbride

Milstein-O’Connor Residence, West Village, Manhattan, NYC. Photo by Martin Seck © Robert Kirkbride

In the second of this two-part interview, TACK talks to Robert Kirkbride about the existence of trends, craft and technology, and his thoughts on sustainable design. You

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Interview: Robert Kirkbride on Design, Part I

Image from the cover of "Architecture and Memory" (Columbia University Press + Gutenberg-e). http://www.gutenberg-e.org/kirkbride/

Image from the cover of Architecture and Memory (Columbia University Press + Gutenberg-e).  http://www.gutenberg-e.org/kirkbride

“We’re endlessly fascinated, and endlessly bored.” —Robert Kirkbride

Robert Kirkbride, the director of studio ‘patafisico and the Associate Dean of Parsons School of Constructed Environments, …

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Featured Designer: Joseph Singh


“I think you can take something so harsh, something so ugly, and turn it into something beautiful.” —Joseph Singh

I started off in pre-med,” said Joseph Singh, an emerging designer who was born and raised in San Francisco, then attended …

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Interview: Anette Cantagallo of LÆNE SCANDINAVIA

Image courtesy of LÆNE SCANDINAVIA.

Image courtesy of LÆNE SCANDINAVIA.

Scandinavian design team Heidi Helavirta and Anette Cantagallo are co-founders to the recently launched lifestyle brand LÆNE (pronounced Ly-nuh), an ambitious project intended to combine hi-tech, innovative textiles with a comprehensive sustainability plan. The …

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Nolcha Runway Review: L. Catherine London

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“For me, fashion is a passion for truly exceptional and exclusive fabrics,” said Catherine Lecka, the designer behind the brand L. Catherine London. That much was immediately clear from the beautiful prints interspersed with fur, wool and leather elements. The …

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